Types of Men Gorgeous Women Don’t Date for Long

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Even though there are hundreds of things which could come between you and a specific woman, the following types of men are a sure turnoff for gorgeous women.

The Child

The “Peter Pan” type of guy is crazy about computer games and a huge fan of beer bong and other drinking games. He’s the kind of guy who loses interest in what he does (or gets fired) every few months and his only ambition is to beat his personal record in Xbox 360 games. While it’s true it could be entertaining hanging out with him a few days, there’s no future with him as he shows now intentions of growing up yet.

The Seducer

Most women will have nothing against their partner noticing the beauty of another woman, however, admiring beauty and undressing someone with your eyes are two different things. A man who is always complimenting other girls while on a date with another beautiful woman will only make her feel inadequate. Most ladies hate having to fight for attention, so his inappropriate comments will drive her away sooner or later.

Mr. Show-Off

One of the biggest things gorgeous women find annoying is a guy who is obsessed with money, regardless of whether he has nothing or a lot. Being rich and always talking about it not better from taking your date to a cheap restaurant or having his friend give a lift to avoid paying for parking. The first few dates are usually meant for getting to know each other and not discussing your financial situation. There’s nothing wrong with being rich or having to save to barely scrape by, just make sure this topic doesn’t consume your entire date.

The Tech Fan

This kind of guy is obsessed with the latest technology and spends a lot of time chasing the latest editions. He spends insane amounts of money on things like computers, phones, and other technology. This kind of behavior makes some gorgeous women wonder where exactly they fit in all of this. Even worse, she could end up being replace by someone “newer” as well. Women hate competition, especially when it comes to competing with material things. This type of guy doesn’t seem to have a lot of time to focus on his partner so she’ll move on soon to find someone who does.

The Mama’s Boy

While there’s nothing wrong with still living with your parents after turning 21, especially during these difficult times, a man who still depends on his mother to take care of him raises a couple of questions. If she’s still cooking for him, washing his laundry and cleaning his room, no woman will want to risk taking on the job. Most women are looking for a serious partner and not a child to take care of.

If you do fall into one of these categories, don’t worry. It’s still possible you’ll meet a woman who is just as interested in playing video games as you are. Still, most gorgeous women find these characteristics a sign that a man is not ready to settle down yet. It doesn’t necessarily mean that all these men are bad, but they need figure out what they want from life and adjust their behavior accordingly.