Meet the Parents – Dating Russian Women

There are lots of different stages to every relationship and it really corresponds to Russian women as well. In the beginning there’s the dating period where you go on casual dates and get to know each other better. Then there’s the romantic phase where you go on nice and romantic dates and your relationship becomes more intimate. And, afterwards, you’d expect to hear wedding bells, right? Actually, amongst many Russian families it’s necessary to get to know the family of the woman you want to marry before you can even begin planning anything.

Many Europeans value their families beyond anything else so you would really have to make extra effort to understand them properly. This is even more true with Russian women. Meeting the whole family is a big deal to them and it’s important that everything goes perfectly. Below are some basic but crucial tips you could think about when meeting the family of your future wife:

Russian Women

1. Look Your Best

Russian women like dressing well and they admire men who have a good sense of style. The same goes with their parents. Although they won’t reprimand you about your taste in fashion, they will absolutely consider your looks and style in dressing up to know whether you’re good enough for their daughter or not. Just ensure that you portray your good intentions with your image and looks. Dress appropriately, shave, get a haircut, etc.

2. Uphold the practice of bringing something

It’s a tradition in Russia to bring gifts when you first meet the parents. Among the best presents for her mother would be a nice box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers. You have to admit that it’s a nice gesture and what woman wouldn’t love receiving flowers? For her dad, bring a bottle of wine or a box of cigars as a present. For sure, he will love it and he may even ask you to share a few glasses on that same occasion.

3. Express yourself

Parents always feel happy and proud when other people tell them that they did a good job in raising their children or daughter. It’s the same thing when meeting your bride’s parents for the first time. Give compliments, be expressive and let them know and see just how much you cherish their daughter. This just shows how well you know your sweetheart and how genuine your intentions and interests truly are.

4. Work your natural charm

Being charming doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look great physically. In fact, it’s not hard at all. Just look and feel confident and talk logically all throughout your date. Don’t just relax and be quiet; offer your help, share stories, ask questions, and more. Everybody will love you for it!Russian Women

Lastly, the most important thing is to be yourself. Don’t overdo it and don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. If you are nice and your objectives are clear, every parent will see that and will grant you their love and full support.

Alex Vidal