The most popular format of dating sites gets based on demography. These international dating sites have already created a parody for charm and essence for finding the dates online. The most popular among them are the sites endorsing girls from Russia & CIS Regions. The glamorized faces with perfect bodies make singles fall in love with them at the first sight. The ‘fascinations’ of meeting cross culture girls get perfectly blended in these special sites. The single men are willing to pay any amount of membership fee or credit packages to indulge in dating such women. Hence this part gets the name as ‘buying a bride’.

international dating sites
international dating sites

The international dating sites can improve their image if people start considering them as normal dating sites and not like sites where you can “purchase” a bride. Although this may help, it is not the end of problems associated with this niche. People are blindfolded and ready to pay any amount to contact the alluring ladies. The things need to be changed. Let’s go through some of the other problems faced by these international dating sites.

The main question is the legitimacy. As it is said “everything that glitters is not gold’, likewise the existence of thousands of single Russian girls waiting for husbands from other parts of the world appears to be more of a fantasy than actual reality. Some people consider them as rich Russian girls waiting to send thousands of dollars and precious gifts to their ‘would be’ husbands while some think that these girls are waiting to leave their country and marry them for citizenship.

There is another theory by ‘online experts’ that these charming ladies are nothing but  glamorized faces promoted on computer screens, that in reality the profiles are fake. Those so called experts say that these dating sites hire people to chat long hours with the members to engage them and tempt them to buy a premium membership. These theories may be right or wrong, but nothing can be said conclusively before experiencing the real situation. The question of authenticity gets raised by people who are already too confused. There is nothing wrong with dating internationally and it will not hurt anybody if they are aware of the facts.

Russian girls feel attracted towards foreign men and they deeply believe they will find their soul mate for love and marriage. That is why they keep on coming to international dating sites. Many girls simply go on these sites to learn about the cultures and lifestyles of people from other countries. The world has become smaller with the exchange of love beyond boundaries. Dating  international women can be the experience of a lifetime. You shouldn’t get blown away by the rumours.  Always do research on your chosen international dating site, like that you can be sure that you’re not being cheated and the intentions of the ladies your chatting with are real.

Alex Vidal