How To Impress Your Vietnamese Date

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vietnamese dateImpressing a Vietnamese date may seem difficult to someone who has never dated a lady from Vietnam before, particularly because of the inherent differences in culture, but with some practice it can be turned into a very simple affair. For starters, Vietnamese women are naturally very simple people who do not ask for too much. You do not have to work very hard to try and impress them. This is not to say that you should not try to do so- or that they will be taken in by any random man- but is simply to point to the fact that your Vietnamese date will not be as impressed by what you have or are willing to offer her but by you as a person. They value personality rather than physical accomplishments.

So what should you do to impress your Vietnamese date?

If you are meeting for the date in a western country, chances are that you are going to have a hard time finding a Vietnamese restaurant, but your date, being a Vietnamese date, might know of one or more so it would be wiser for you to let her choose the restaurant where the two of you will be dining. And unless you are something of an expert in Vietnamese cuisine, then it might also be a good idea to let her also order the food for both of you as well. Rice is the main staple food in Vietnam so you should expect it to be one of the components of the meal too. You can impress your Vietnamese date by eating using chopsticks too. Use of the chopsticks during the meal indicates to your date that you care about her culture and are genuinely interested in learning more about it. If you do not know how to use the chopsticks, feel free to ask your Vietnamese date to teach you. She will definitely love the opportunity to share her culture with you and the act might draw you a little close to each other.

Vietnamese women have strong filial instincts and the family is a highly respected institution in their culture. As such, choose your words very carefully whenever you talk about your own family as well as her own. If you it is the first time that you and your Vietnamese date are going out together, you might want to keep any sexual overtones or suggestions out of your conversations since Vietnamese women usually have very strong moral values and may take offence at such overtones.

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