Polish women are very popular among online dating enthusiasts. They are beautiful, have great values, a great attitude and are educated. When you meet a nice Polish woman and want to ask her out, you need to consider the many cultural differences the two of you will have. It is a great idea to do some research on the Polish culture to get some insight. To help you get started, here are a couple of very common mistakes that men make on their first date with a Polish woman.

1. Showing up empty handed.

It is customary to bring the woman some flowers, some chocolate or other small gifts on the first date. You may be a bit surprised at this because it isn’t something that happens a lot where you’re from. Also it may leave a feeling like you are supposed to shower someone you don’t really know with gifts and spend too much money. A gift is expected but it is perfectly fine if it is small and inexpensive. It is the Polish womenthought that counts.

2. Not taking things slow.

Polish dating is quite different in many ways. In Poland you take things slowly. Not like in the States where if you like the person you will sleep with them after a week has passed. The same with expecting a kiss at the end of the first date. You need to have a different mindset when you approach Polish dating. These ladies are usually on the market to find their future husband. Because of that they wait longer with getting intimate with anyone.

3. Expecting her to speak perfect English.

That is very common with westerners. If you are a native English speaker then its probable that you expect everyone to speak the language. It is seen as the universal language. That is far from the truth. If you met this woman via an online dating site then it’s possible she speaks some English and if you have been corresponding online you may get a different view on how good her English is. When you are texting she can use the dictionary or ask someone for advice and so on. When you spend more time video chatting or meet up in person you will have a better understanding.


These are some of the most common ways guys mess up on the first date with a Polish woman. If you remember these points your first date will turn out much better.
Thanks for reading and come back soon for more Polish dating tips.