There aren’t any set formulas when you are online dating, but there are some ways you can go about it to have success. This article discusses the aspect of letter writing. Lots of people don’t have a clue how to approach it because they don’t have any previous experience with online dating, or they have no idea about what their outcome is. We are here to help you out with some tips about writing letters when dating online.

1. How many resumes to send out?

What to those have to do with online dating in the first place? Not much but answer it still. How many resumes do you send out for a job offer? What we are implying with this is that the approach needs to be the same with online dating. Think about it and truly internalize it. Note how it doesn’t mean you need to send letters or notes until someone responds. This concept hints that you need to be open to communicating with more than one attractive woman.

2. Personalized is the way to go.

Generic letters will not leave a lasting impression on anyone. A woman who has been online dating before can spot a letter like this a mile away. That means your need to put effort into going through her profile: check out her interests and goals in life. Note what she is looking for and see if you meet the criteria. The best idea is to write a letter based on her profile.

3. Sincerity along with simplicity.

It often happens that men want to impress women so bad that they list almost every achievement in their first letter. To the ladies, this will come across as much too robotic. It is an exaggeration, and you shouldn’t follow that road. Just be sincere. Be who you are. Be natural.

4. 10 letters a day.

Obviously, we don’t mean ten letters to the same person. Select at least ten women that seem to match what you are looking for and send the letters out. The average response time is five days so don’t get too upset if you don’t receive a letter the same evening. 10 is a nice neutral number and will not leave you swamped. Note that every letter should be based on the woman’s profile. Don’t just send the same letter every time.

5. Filtering.

You should have a filter regarding the replies you get. The next thing after a successful exchange of letters will be live chat. The live chat will let you know if you truly have chemistry with this person or not. If you don’t feel anything towards that person, then let them down nicely. You don’t have to talk to every woman that replies to you if they don’t meet your criteria.

That concludes our tips for writing letters when online dating. Follow our advice and enjoy your online dating experience.