Asian women – Filipinas, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese and so on, are very high on the list of women that men are interested in dating online. If you are one of the guys interested in them then you should know how to approach women from these cultures. Their understandings are influenced by the local life and you need to get up to speed on the topic. Knowing what to do and perhaps more importantly what not to do is key to having success in dating Asian women.

Here is a list of five questions you shouldn’t ask these ladies:

1. What is the secret to your beauty?

Asian womenYou may think that it’s a perfectly innocent question. Even a compliment maybe. But if you look closer at that question, doesn’t it sound like you are asking what she does to be this beautiful? It isn’t saying that she is so beautiful but asking how something like that could happen. Asian women are known all over the world for their natural beauty so if you want to compliment their appearance then go with something like “you were born a goddess”. Don’t worry about it sounding cheesy. If it is sincere it is appreciated.

2. Any question about past relationships.

Especially so on the first couple of dates. Asian women are more private than women from other parts of the world so you will want to hold back with these questions. If they start talking about it (which is unlikely), then it is okay to touch upon the subject but not as openly as you would with American girls.

3. How many foreigners have you dated?

This can also file under point number two but there is a little difference. Here you would not only pry into her personal life, you would also offend her by assuming that she has dated a lot of guys (not cool in Asia) and that she only focuses on foreign men. That is nothing short of calling her easy which will destroy any chance you had with her.

4. Questions about political views.

In many Asian countries, politics is a very touchy subject. There are issues with dictators, lots of violence, police corruption and so on, You don’t want to bring up this issue with Asian ladies because it will also bring up a lot of intense emotions. You don’t want to make your Asian date angry or sad so leave this topic out.

5. How come you don’t have a boyfriend yet?

This is a variation of the third question. It is stating that she is somehow picky or snobby and has chased men away. In the States this may come across as a compliment. Like “you are so amazing, how come you aren’t in a relationship yet?”. In Asia, however, it is another touchy subject. There is a lot of emphasis on getting hitched over and it puts a lot of pressure on both young Asian women and men. You don’t want to add to that.