Polish lady

So you have met this gorgeous Polish lady and you want to get a date with her. You are wondering how to impress her. It takes some knowledge of what the Polish dating culture in general is like. We have put together a small list to help you out with this endeavour.

1. You need to be a real gentleman.

Polish ladyPolish women grow up in a society where chivalry is still thriving. That means they are used to having doors opened for them, being escorted and seated in restaurants and so on. It really does need to be as mushy as in fairytales. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to read up on Polish etiquette online so that you are aware of how to properly greet people. For example a kiss on both cheeks is a normal way of greeting but it should not be done to a lady on the very first meeting. Make sure none of these small things go unnoticed, they will help you impress her.

2. Always bring flowers.

Bringing flowers to a date is always a lovely gesture. In order to continuously impress your Polish lady, don’t forget to do this often. A lovely bouquet is a great idea for the first date. You can also ask florists for help with the meaning of different flowers. With a little effort you can gain a lot of knowledge and truly impress your girl.

3. Offer to carry her things.

When she is carrying any parcels or bags, offer to carry them. In Poland this is done even without any romantic interest. They are brought up this way. Make sure you pay attention and offer your help to make sure she is comfortable. Even if she is carrying just flowers you can still offer to carry them. It isn’t possible to go overboard with this.

4. Treat her like a lady. Always.

You should treat your girl as a lady all the time. Not only just on the first couple of dates. This is expected all the time and in simple things. Like pouring her wine first, then taking care of yours. Ladies first in everything. Ask her lots of questions about herself, her hobbies and interests. What her ambitions in life are and so on.


When dating Polish ladies, remember the advice we gave you here. You can always do more research online about the Polish dating culture.