Writing to a Russian Woman of Your Choice to Win Her Love

You have selected a Russian woman of your choice whose credentials appeal to you. Now you are corresponding via emails or letters to introduce yourself. Obviously, this first impression is most important. It will set the tone for your relationship. These rules will help you to overcome cultural barriers and create a good image:

  1. Your Russian woman of your choice is unlikely to understand English at a native level. Do not use complicated words and phrases. Keep your sentences short and check that you have explained yourself clearly.
  2. Russians refer to women as The Prettier Sex therefore women are very conscious about appearance. They always dress up when they go outside, usually wearing high heels. Make genuine compliments about her appearance and clothing choices in the photos she has provided.
  3. Russian men are extremely polite around women. They open doors and act like a gentleman. Make sure you are respectful in your correspondence with Russian woman of your choice. Russian woman of your choiceThis does not mean you should write a formal business letter. In fact, you should write as though you are talking to a friend. If you know that something could offend a friend, it doesn’t belong in your letter.
  4. Talk about your family, your work and your interests. Do not brag. Russian women do want a man who is sound financially but they are most interested in finding a man they can love. You don’t have to be a CEO to attract her attention.
  5. Based on the information in her profile, ask general questions about her family, work and interests. Once you have found common ground, talk about the aspects of her life that genuinely interest you. Maybe she likes skiing or dancing and you do too. Do not ask personal or sexual questions. Russian women tend to be conservative and initially will not be as open as women in the west. Asking about past relationships, for example, would be considered impolite.
  6. Russian women tend to be well educated and speak more than one language. Do not be condescending in your correspondence. They rarely boast about their intelligence or careers so don’t make assumptions about Russian woman of your choice.
  7. Send honest photos which capture your personality. Send one in which you are formally dressed; maybe for a wedding. Send others which show you participating in your hobby or sport. Family is important to Russian women so you might want to send a family photo as well. Show yourself at your best but don’t Photoshop. Russian women are looking for real men, not Brad Pitt. You can write quirky, interesting, funny anecdotes or stories to accompany the photos. Women always appreciate a good sense of humor.
  8. If you are writing to several Russian women, individualize your letters for each one. Change your questions and information based on the details she has provided in her profile. The women you are writing to are individuals – make sure your letters acknowledge that.

Take time to write your letter or email. Make sure it is honest and reflects your personality. If you follow this advice you are sure to find a Russian woman of your choice with whom you have the right chemistry.