Women from Philippines and Western Men

If you are planning to date women from the Philippines, it is important to understand a little about their culture and expectations. These women generally have the same hopes, dreams, likes and dislikes as women all over the world. It would be a mistake to assume they are subservient and will accept any treatment from a man. For economic reasons, some women from Philippines may be more tolerant of bad behavior but they still won’t like it.


Women from Philippines prefer their men to make an effort to look their best. They may accept slovenly, unkempt looks but it isn’t their preference. Dress nicely. Shave. Get a haircut. Wear deodorant. Exercise and do all the things you would do to impress a woman in your home country. Women from Philippines do have a greater tolerance for age difference so a few wrinkles or baldness are not an issue.


women from Philippines

Women from Philippines speak good English and understand the nuances of the language. They know when you are being condescending. Women from poorer economic backgrounds have survived because they are strong, innovative, proud and smart. They appreciate it when you value their opinion and sometimes take their advice. They are insulted when western men treat them like ignorant schoolgirls.

The Philippines is a very religious country. Like women everywhere, women from Philippines do not like men who lie and cheat. Under the strong influences of Catholicism, these vices are seen as even more intolerable. Be as open and honest as you would be in a relationship back home. If you aren’t offering fidelity and marriage, don’t show disrespect by pretending that these are your intentions.

Family ties are strong in the Philippines. Never insult or mistreat a woman’s family. Use the same tact and diplomacy as you would use when resolving conflicts with your own family.

Women from Philippines like men to be punctual and hard-working. If you are disorganized, lazy and without goals women will dislike you. They may be too polite to tell you but diligent men are highly regarded. This is not the same as being rich. Women from Philippines can be quite happy with a man who earns an average salary, as long as he can be a consistent breadwinner who doesn’t squander money.

In the end, it all comes down to decency and good social etiquette. Just like most women in the world, women from Philippines resent it when they are treated unequally. Dignity and respect for your lady will go a long way towards ensuring a happy, productive relationship.