This question is very common in the online dating world. It seems as if Russian women have a focus on finding a foreign partner. What could be the reasons for this? You’ve probably heard some explanations but which ones are actually authentic?

In this article we are going to address which ones are true and which are not.

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Why do so many Russian women date foreigners?

There is a general understanding that foreigners are much more romantic than local Russian guys. Expressing your feelings really isn’t a part of their culture and it’s seen as being too mushy. You can often hear women saying that they want someone who is considerate of their feelings – a nice and sensitive guy. Russian guys don’t really match up to that type.

Another good reason for this is that the good guys may already be taken. If you look at statistics, you can see that the women outnumber the men in Russia. The ratio of men to women is 0.86 male(s)/female – this is based on the 2014 total population estimate. There are other countries out there with the same issues. For example China where the online dating market also shows that the women often look for partners from another country.

Having had several bad experiences isn’t often used as a reason for looking elsewhere but it still does happen. It may get overwhelming for a person and they may decide that they want to try with someone from a completely different background. Just to experience something new.

The convenience of online dating is also a factor here. You can online date anyone you want. The choice is limitless. It is so much easier now to connect to a person who lives on the other side of the globe – you can use live chat, video chat, voice chats and so forth. People are drawn to the opportunity to date outside their own culture.

There are more reasons why Russian women date foreign guys but these are the key ones – both positive and negative.
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