Chinese dating

If you don’t conduct proper research into the Chinese dating culture it will be very difficult for you to be successful with dating Chinese women. There are huge differences between the dating etiquette you have in the west and the dating etiquette that exists in the east. There are some similarities but they don’t even out the major differences that are already there.

The most important thing to remember is that you are the man – meaning you need to take the initiative, be the leader, make decisions and so forth if you are in a relationship with a Chinese woman. Begin here with these 4 useful Chinese dating tips you must remember:

1. Set-Ups and Casual DatesĀ Chinese dating

Casual dating is virtually non-existent in the Chinese culture and in most Asian cultures. Dating is the opposite to the West where people date all the time and sometimes several people at the same time. In Asia both men and women ask for friends to set up dates for them. It almost never happens that a Chinese man or woman will walk up to another Chinese man or woman and ask them out right then and there. The vast majority of dates are set up by friends, family or co-workers.

At times it can happen that foreigners have a small open window into asking Chinese women out on the spot. This can be because of the awareness that not all cultures have the same dating style.

2. Words are Meaningful

Even with the changing times in daily life and practices around the world, there are still some traditions that refuse to fade away. For the Chinese expressing their feelings and emotions through words is something deeply embedded into their DNA. When your partner says she misses you or that she deeply cares about you – it is something you must take seriously.

3. Meeting the Parents

This is a great way to tell where your partner thinks the relationship is going. In the Chinese culture it is customary to introduce your partner to your parents very early on. If she doesn’t introduce you and you’ve been dating for a while then it is very possible that she views your relationship as something fleeting.

4. Being Low Key with Intimacy

Intimacy is reserved for the time after marriage. That is an Asian tradition that is very well preserved. There aren’t many Asians that think intimacy is appropriate before marriage, and therefore many make attempts to avoid it. This doesn’t necessarily mean that all Asian women will avoid it. When it happens that you do experience intimacy then you can be sure that she is taking the relationship very seriously and sees marriage in the near future.

Learn The Rules

There are more details to pay attention to when dating Chinese women than just these 4 so we recommend you do more research online. Learn all you can about the Chinese dating culture and check back with us for more articles about Chinese dating and more.