Asian dating

Building a great online dating profile is no easy task. And, you’re likely to be the first to say: “tell me about it!” as you read the first few sentences of this post.

We are here to alleviate the pressure and give you some advice. There are plenty of men out there, just like yourself, who are wondering what is wrong with their online dating profile. What is it about their profiles that keeps them from obtaining tons of hits? We’ll answer that as well as give you a few tips on ways to boost your online dating profile and, at the same time, attract the kind of women that you want.

Asian women

“I’m not in it for a long-term relationship”

Research shows that most Asian ladies sign up with online dating portals for two reasons: long-term relationships and marriage. You have to understand that many women from Asia are still very conventional, so only a handful of them have the kind of liberated mind-set that most Western girls have. What this means is that they are not interested in flings. They just don’t see the point in that.

“I’m currently unemployed.”

That isn’t something you want to have on your profile. We strongly advise you to remove that sentence if you have it on your profile.You want to come across as a capable man not someone that needs to be taken care of. It’s not to say that Asian women are materialistic. This has to do with gender stereotypes that they grew up with that viewed men as the providers.

“I’ve hit the jackpot and have tons of money”

These lines are very typical. They would be wonderful if they were true but if they were not, you’re out of the game if your Asian girlfriend finds out (and she eventually will). Not telling the truth on your profile will cause problems in a long distance relationship. Once you break the trust of your online partner with small, little, white lies, you’ll have to climb a mountain to gain her trust back again.

“I have several kids”

Let’s clear it up a bit. We aren’t saying that they are not interested in kids but just the idea of a mixed family may not go together with their conservative environment. There’s a high chance that you could get rejected but in other cases, there are Asian women, who do not have a problem with this.

Want More Tips?

These are only a few examples of what might be turn offs for the Asian beauty of your dreams. Check back with us soon for an update on tips for Asian women and Asian dating.