What does super-gonorrhoea mean for oral sex? | Nichi Hodgson

The new strain is indeed pernicious, but, as with all sexually transmitted infections, the key to defeating them is education and honesty

• Nichi Hodgson is a sex and relationship broadcaster

If there’s way to ruin a sultry summer, it’s surely news of a Goliath-strength gonorrhoea strain. Not only has the disease been on the rise since 2014 in the UK, but the World Health Association is now warning of an globally spreading gonorrhoea superbug which is resistant to all antibiotics – a libido-crushing thought when we contemplate that some 78 million people in the world each year will get it.

Gonorrhoea is a particularly pernicious infection. Residing in the genitals, rectum and throat, it is caught not through just penetrative or oral sex but through touch, which means it can be transferred on fingers or sex toys. While saliva has enzymes that can kill it, it is contracted by fellatio due to the urethra coming into contact with the pharynx, where there’s a higher risk of bacterial exchange. This means cunnilingus can be enjoyed safely – prioritise women’s pleasure in the name of the public health.

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