Ways to Impress Ukrainian Women

Looking to impress Ukrainian women? Then this article is perfect for you. We are here to give you the run down on what their dating culture is like, how to win them over and what are some of the things most important to these ladies.

Ukrainian womenIn some countries, being a foreigner is an advantage because the number of available men is small. In Ukraine, it is different. You need to put effort into competing with the locals. You have done the right thing by taking this important first step – gathering information beforehand. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can make a good impression on Ukrainian women.

1. Dressing Well

A lot of guys go for a simple jeans and t-shirt look, but that will not impress these ladies. Even if you do look great in simple clothes, you should still up your game. Smart casual is the best choice. If you aren’t necessarily the sharpest dresser then you can find stores that have stylists ready to help you out. When going out on dates with these ladies, you want to look your best.

2. The Foreigner Factor

Keep from situations where you could accidentally embarrass yourself and make use of those where you can look your best. Avoid trying to speak any of the language unless you have the phrases down. Also, don’t get into discussions about the state of Ukraine, even if you have done a lot of reading on it. Listen and ask questions but don’t try to show off your knowledge on the matter.

3. Not Flaunting Money

Trying to show off your financial capabilities will not go over so well. Ukrainian women have received hell from the mail-order-bride boom from back in the day. They were thought of as gold-diggers so when you take them out, getting them some flowers and paying for the date is good enough. Expensive gifts and the best restaurants are not a good idea at the beginning.


Follow the tips we provided in the article, and you should see success with dating Ukrainian women very soon. Remember our advice and come back soon for more Ukrainian dating tips.