Want a Relationship with a Hot Russian Woman? Make Sure You Don’t Fall into One of these Categories

A hot Russian woman will not date you if you’re one of these types..

While there are numerous things which could drive a hot Russian woman away from a specific guy, the following kinds of guys are sure to prove a lady that a guy is not ready for a serious relationship.

1. The “Peter Pan” type

This kind of guy is absolutely crazy about computer games, gets overly excited about drinking games and orders takeaway food for dinner every other night. He loses his job every few months and has no ambitions beyond improving his XBox scores. While it may be exciting to hang out with this type of guy for a few days or weeks, since he shows no sign of growing up, he doesn’t have a future with a hot woman from Russia, or any other country for that matter.

Hot Russian Woman

2. The Womanizer

Although most girls would not mind their companion admiring a gorgeous girl, there’s a difference between noticing beauty and charm and undressing a lady with your eyes. A guy who’s checking out each and every girl who passes him will only make his date feel inadequate. Women don’t like to fight for attention, certainly not for long term, so his inappropriate behaviour and sleazy comments will at some point convince a woman to get rid of him and move on.

3. Mr. Show-Off

The largest turn off for a lady is a guy who is obsessed with wealth, regardless of whether he has a large amount of it or none at all. Being wealthy and flaunting it is not so much better from bringing food stamps to a date or driving around the restaurant for twenty minutes to prevent paying for parking. Dating is all about getting to know one another better and not discussing your financial situation. There is nothing wrong with wanting to get a killer deal if you don’t have money or spending it if you do, but be cautious to not let it in the way of your date.

4. The Mama’s Boy

In some cultures, it is absolutely alright to stay living together with your parents even after turning 21, but a man who still lets his mother take care of him might be a deal breaker. If he’s thirty years old and his mom is still washing his laundry, cooking for him or cleaning his room, a hot woman will definitely be put off. After all, most women are looking for love and a serious relationship and not a child to take care of.

Even if you happen to fall into one of these categories, don’t worry as there is a way around it. It’s possible that you will meet a woman who is interested in gadgets and video games or who enjoys taking care of her partner. Still, most women see features like this as signs that a man is not ready for a serious long term relationship. Also, it doesn’t mean that all these men are undesirable, they will just have to understand which of their characteristics are turn offs for women and make sure they make some changes.