Dating women from around the globe is easier than ever. All thanks to the multitude of excellent online dating services that offer many online dating features that allow men to get close to their potential matches. The availability of those tools is why so many men are rushing towards dating Asian women. Before you join the party, you should gain some knowledge of what these ladies like and dislike.

Here are some handy pointers:

1. Don’t be Too Aggressive

dating Asian womenAggression is what gets you the girl in most Western countries but in Asia, it will put them off. Don’t bombard the ladies with messages, don’t boast about your accomplishments and don’t try to act like you’re all that. It is respect, humility and patience that gets you dates. Make the ladies feel at ease.

2. Keeping it Simple

Speaking language wise – education is highly valued in Asia, but a lot of the women don’t get a lot of practice when it comes to the English language. When talking to the women, try to make her feel comfortable and try to figure out what her level is. If necessary then perhaps you are willing to invest in the help of a translator.

3. No to Pick-Up Lines

Those have no place in the Asian dating culture. You will come across strange if you try anything like that. Not just that – something may easily get lost in translation and the other person won’t catch your drift. Avoid embarrassing yourself.

4. Patience. Patience. Patience.

It is all about patience when dating Asian women. They aren’t as open as women from the West, and if you come across as pushy, they will shy away for good. If you are serious about dating these ladies, then show that you are patient and are in it for the long haul.

5. Don’t Give Out Too Much Personal Information

Protecting yourself should always be on the back of your mind. When you don’t know someone too well just yet – don’t tell them exactly where you work, your full name, where you live and love to hang out. You just never know. Wait until you are more familiar with them and can be sure that they are who they say they are.


Dating Asian women can be an enjoyable experience. It can also not go too well – that is if you neglect to learn about this culture before you start dating. Remember what we taught you here and you should have success. Good luck!