Why Ukrainian Women Leave Home for Their Love

One of the reasons Western men seek to marry Ukrainian women is their loyalty and commitment to family. Family life is indeed at the cultural heart of life for Ukrainian women. It should therefore be realized that the majority of Ukrainian women do marry Ukrainian men. Small percentage which is about 3000 women per year marry foreigners. When you are dating Ukrainian women, it is important to understand the motivations of the small percentage of women who seek a husband abroad.

Financial Security

Many of the women seeking foreign husbands come from the poorer Northern and Eastern parts of the Ukraine. This does not mean that they are gold diggers but economic stability for themselves and their families is an important factor, along with finding a compatible life partner.

Divorced women in the Ukraine face particular difficulties because men rarely provide paternity payments. Ukrainian women also hope that a foreign partner will be less likely to discriminate against them if they have a child.

Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian Men

It is a mistake to stereotype all Ukrainian men as alcoholics who do not participate in family life. However, traditionally, it has been the role of women to be nurturers while men conduct work and business outside the home. Many of the women seeking foreign husbands have been the victims of domestic abuse and neglect. Either their father divorced their mother, or they themselves are escapees from a difficult marriage.

There are more women in the Ukraine than men. Generally speaking, attractive, well-educated women from successful families will find suitable partners in the Ukraine. Poorer women, or those from troubled families, are more likely to face difficulties when they seek a Ukrainian husband.


Ukrainian women have stereotyped views about men in the west. They believe that these men are more likely to be involved with children, help with the housework and allow them to have a career. Ukrainian men tend to take a backseat when it comes to home duties. It is also difficult for women to reach the very top positions in their chosen careers. Some women hope to fulfill their career ambitions and have husbands who share childrearing duties and housework.

Brave Decision

It is a brave decision for a Ukrainian woman to leave her family. She will face life in an unknown country with limited language skills. In many cases, you will be the only person she knows. It will often take her about six months to use the English language confidently.

As someone who is seeking a Ukrainian bride, it is important to understand that women who seek foreign husbands may not uphold typical Ukrainian traditions. Make sure you understand the individual hopes, ambitions and values of the woman you are considering as a life partner. She will be giving up everything to come to your country. It is your responsibility to make sure that both of you have the same goals and dreams.