Top Secrets of Chinese Dating That One Must Know

Chinese dating

Chinese ladies are well-known for their devotion, loyalty and charming personalities. They are patient and courteous in most of the life issues. Spending time with a sincere Chinese girl will be an exceptional experience for you. When you date a Chinese girl keep in mind, the Chinese culture is remarkably different from any other culture. Although there are some similarities such as Chinese girls like all other girls, do look for caring gentlemen. But there is a great difference of the way, they like to be treated.

Before dating a Chinese lady take a look on some points that are very much important for her. To experience a perfect date you need to follow these rules.

Here you go with some of the secrets of Chinese dating:

Secrets of Chinese Dating

Topics of conversation

Chinese women are intelligent and knowledgeable. They like to speak on every topic of life from business to family values. They love to explore new facts and share their knowledge. They like informative conversation and debates. You can talk comprehensively on each aspect of life with a Chinese girl. She will show interest. The topic that must be avoided while talking to a Chinese girl is “Sex”. They are not liberal and modern enough to talk about this. They tend to feel shy and confused on this topic. Avoid this topic while dating a Chinese girl. They love to be your friends but they hate this topic because of their cultural traditions.

Physical contact

Avoid getting tactile with a Chinese lady. She is not supposed to have intimate physical contacts with men before marriage. Don’t try to get too close to a Chinese girl until she asks herself for this. If you have habits of touching casually, try to control it. It makes a Chinese girl feel unconfident and uncomfortable with you. If she is sad, you can console her touching her shoulders and hands. It gives a positive impression on her mind. Avoid giving an impression of lust in your touch; give a feeling of care instead.


An appreciated trait in China is the punctuality. Your Chinese girl may not be so much punctual herself but she will admire your punctuality. The Chinese women like men who are committed and responsible. If you want to make your date successful, show-up on time. If you reach first and wait for your Chinese mate, she will feel loved and important.


Chinese women like men who are very much concerned about them. They want you to take care of them. If you pay the bill on date, they will feel happy. This is not because of their materialistic nature, but because of Chinese traditions. They feel embarrassed if you ask to pay her bill. They want a man who takes the responsibility of caring her woman. So, you need to forget equal rights of men and women. Chinese women demand some extra favors.

A little flattery

Chinese ladies love to be appreciated for their looks and actions. Some good compliments can please your Chinese mate. Most important is to keep a balance and avoid too much flattery. It can spoil the charm of your personality and your girl can take you for granted.