meeting Chinese women offline

Meeting Chinese women offline is trickier than meeting them online using a variety of services. Approaching them in real life is much different thanks to the fact that the Chinese culture is so much more different from your own(assuming that you are a Westerner.) This article is written to help you out with how to approach these lovely ladies offline.

Let’s get started!

1. Meeting Within the Circle

This may be a bit of a surprise to you but the Chinese approach to dating is much more within the circle than anywhere else. Someone that you two know needs to set you up for a date. If you’re working or studying in China it may be a colleague. If not then you can get dates via friends. Blind dates are also okay with Chinese women as long as they’re set up by someone they know.

2. Dating Parties

Yes! Dating parties. It is the equivalent of a Singles Night. That is a perfect place for you to go – everyone is looking for a partner. You can approach any woman you want without having to come up with reasons why to say hi. With this point as well you need to have some inside intel how to get in on one of these events.

3. Try the Streets

Since most Chinese women are very polite and ready to help you can ask someone for directions. They will be ready to help you out. Try starting a conversation from there and then perhaps ask her and some of her friends to meet you and some of your friends out for coffee. Don’t ask her out one on one because as we already explained that probably won’t work.

4. Language Schools!

What a great concept. You’re taking an interest in not only Chinese women but the entire culture and sign up to a language school. That is a great way to meet someone since you’ll be running into Chinese women learning the local language. It’s a perfect idea. You can even impress her with what you’ve learned at school!

5. Karaoke Bars, the Night Scene

Karaoke bars sound very cliché but it is true – the Chinese love karaoke. You can bring a bunch of friends(both male and female) and invite someone you’re interested in over to your table. Invite the woman and all her friends.

How do you feel about our list? There’s more to meeting Chinese women offline and you can do more research of your own. We’ll be posting new dating tips soon as well so come back for more.