Tips for Dating Russian Girls

One way to get to know a nation better is by moving somewhere abroad and making friends with the local people, but the best way to achieve this is by dating Russian girls. Some people have never considered dating a foreigner, but think of everything you could learn when you do it. This is largely because women tend to be more comfortable with sharing their thoughts and beliefs in private contexts than in any other.

Obviously, it is tough to date a lady from a faraway country, but there is so much to get from it, and some couples even get hitched precisely because they enjoy this cultural exchange that makes their relationship a lot more interesting. The tips below will help you succeed in your relationship with Russian women.

Dating Russian Girls

  • Misunderstandings are not uncommon

Miscommunication is not unusual when dating Russian girls, even if both of you speak fluent English. No matter how well you might speak it, one of you is not a native and misunderstandings can occur. She could say one thing meaning something else than what you understand. If you feel like you are having too many arguments about things your lover said, be sure to clear the air straight away.

  • People tend to behave differently when they are at home

Sometimes, people seem different in their own countries. Case in point: a French woman would be more French at home than overseas because she’ll feel more at ease being herself. It isn’t a bad idea to visit your lover’s home country to find out if she is the same person at home and abroad. Only then can you decide if you like her as a whole or not.

  • It is all about new experiences

When dating Russian girls, you have to keep your mind open and be prepared to learn a lot about their traditional way of life. Many women are very serious about their traditional food, music, and art. The very same should apply to your darling too, because relationships are two way processes and being open to new things will improve communication between you and enrich your culture and lives. No one is saying you must love everything about her and her culture, but you need to keep an open mind and be ready for new experiences.

  • Learning the Russian language

When dating Russian girls, you should try to learn a bit of Russian because it makes your life more fun and it shows the women that you care. If you want to understand how they think and where they come from, learning Russian is the perfect way to accomplish this since other just words and sentences, language also conveys the way people think.

  • Respect the cultural differences

What you should remember is that regardless where they are from, people do the same things in different ways. The technology and clothes, even the cutlery that is accessible in their country can totally differ from yours, but the purpose doesn’t change. Finding the right way to do things in a more efficient way is up to you.

If you are dating Russian girls you will be happy to see what their one of a kind world view brings to your romance. There is no doubt it will be a lot more fun and exciting than any normal relationship with a local woman.

Alex Vidal