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Russian women

Statistics show that in the online dating world, the majority of guys looking to date women are older. That is 40 or above. The majority of women looking to date men are younger – 30 or younger. Some start their search at the age of 18. Let’s assume that you are here because you are interested in dating younger Russian women. You may have some insecurities about this and wonder if age can be an obstacle in your long term relationship. read the full post

Read Our Guide on Russian Women Dating Tips

Russian Women Dating Tips

Read the best Russian women dating tips!

Just like in traditional dating, online relationships have specific guidelines about which behaviour is acceptable and which is not. The general rules are pretty much the same, but since you’re not dating in person, there are a couple of things you should consider. Below is a list with a couple of Russian women dating tips which will ensure you avoid the typical mistakes men make when connecting with Russian ladies on the web. read the full post