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There are a couple of things to keep in mind before you start seeing Russian women online or in real life. Because Russian ladies are very popular with Western men, you want to make sure you know how to impress the ladies if you want a long term relationship and that’s why you need a guide to dating. If you’ve been dreaming of finding the perfect girl for you, your perfect Anastacia or Irina read these tips below. read the full post

Best International dating
Best International dating

Let’s all travel back through time — the 70’s up to the 80’s, where there were no signs of digital invasion. Earlier, the process of courting a woman seemed the most challenging and yet the scariest thing that ever existed in a man’s life – talking to your girl’s parents, watching your knees shake or at some point wetting your pants out of nervousness, you almost fell off the ground from fainting just to ask for your girlfriend out for a dinner date! These for sure are funny moments! But hey! Who knows? Some of them might just be your experience’s as well, and thanks to best International dating. We, men don’t have to experience these same old hardships in dating our girls! read the full post

Ukraine Ladies

There are certain things that you must remember when you start dating Ukraine ladies online or in your actual life. If you’d like to make the girl feel happier, it is best to date her according to her preferences, customs and likes. read the full post


If you’ve been on the net hoping to find the best online dating experience (or the “Anastasia Experience*”), you are aware that finding a legitimate dating site these days can be a bit risky. Reason being – many of the Russian online dating sites tend to be scams. Or even if the whole site isn’t a scam, itself, then a lot of the profiles may be. The Russian girls and Ukraine girls that you can find on the webpage might or might not really exist. How can you tell? Well, just check out our tips below and see how you can know if you’re exploring a genuine Russian dating site, or just becoming a part of a scam. read the full post