Chinese women

If you are interested in dating Asian women and Chinese women in particular, then this article is perfect for you. Meeting these ladies can be trickier than one expects. There are many differences between the Eastern and Western cultures. That especially in the area of dating. In today’s article, we take a look at what guys should know about dating Chinese women offline. Let’s get started. read the full post

Asian women

Let’s be honest, most foreign guys looking to date Asian women online have no idea how to approach them. How do we know that? Research. Plenty of evidence can be found in dating forums where Asian girls talk about how the Western men just do not have a clue. A lot of them are racist in their approach or even overall creepy. You don’t want to be one of those guys. That is where this article comes in. Let’s see what are the most important do’s and don’ts when approaching Asian women online. read the full post

Japanese girls

So, you have met a gorgeous Japanese girl, and you want to take her out on your first date. You can do what a lot of guys do, which is winging it – meaning choose something random, or you can be smarter. Find out more about her culture and learn what you need to avoid at all cost. That’s precisely what this article is all about. We are here to give you an idea what are the worst date ideas you could propose to Japanese girls. Let’s take a look. read the full post

Asian women

So, you have made a decision to start dating online and you want to date Asian women specifically. That poses a small problem for you – not all women speak English very well or don’t speak it at all. What can you do about this? A flexible approach is considered best here. In this article we take a look at what the best approaches for resolving the language barrier problem are. read the full post

Asian women

So, you are interested in online dating Asian women and perhaps have been for a while, but things aren’t going as smooth as you would like. What could be the problem here? It may well be that the cultural differences you have are what is keeping a relationship from flourishing. In this article, we take a look at what are the most annoying questions to one can ask Asian women. Make sure you avoid these at all cost. read the full post

dating Asian women

Dating women from around the globe is easier than ever. All thanks to the multitude of excellent online dating services that offer many online dating features that allow men to get close to their potential matches. The availability of those tools is why so many men are rushing towards dating Asian women. Before you join the party, you should gain some knowledge of what these ladies like and dislike. read the full post