Chinese woman

We’ve all heard plenty of stereotypes about Asian women but we don’t know how much each of them have truth to them. Dating an Asian woman will give you a better picture but it would be even better to familiarize yourself with some of the stereotypes beforehand. This article lists 5 of them that are actually true:date asian women

Stereotype no. 1 РThey are great students 

That is a fact. Just look at the numbers. Asian students excel everyone else in the statistics in all tests. The highest priority in Asia is education. Your social status is irrelevant – finishing school with great grades is the number one priority. Due to the high expectations Asian parents watch over their kids school work to make sure the get the best grades. The methods that they use when kids don’t do well are often frowned upon in the West but this trend of making sure your kids give a 100% in school isn’t going anywhere.

Stereotype no. 2 – They work hard

Work ethic is very important in Asia. That is another thing you’ve probably heard a million times. Asians work hard and that doesn’t only apply to men. Asian women are no exception. Working hard is a matter of pride and a source for self-respect and also the way to be respected in the culture. Everyone has something to learn from their high standards.

Stereotype no. 3 – They’re great at chores

Another fact. This is still a great part of the Asian culture where women are expected to be great at managing the household. They learn all this from their mothers from a very early age. There has been some influence of the Western culture that has brought more women to the work force but some things still haven’t changed.

Stereotype no. 4 – They are nerdy

This isn’t meant in a negative way. What we mean to say is that they love to express who they are and it is fully accepted in that culture. The girls love video games, Hello Kitty, Pokemon, cute clothes and haircuts and comic books. Not everyone is a huge fan of course but it still shows when you walk the streets of any big Asian city.

Stereotype no. 5 – They love a great bargain

Another stereotype that is true – Asians are in fact great at this. That is thanks to the many replicas and counterfeits of the most famous brands made in Asia. Especially so in China. They have a lot of experience and know how to haggle for what they want.

Stereotypes aren’t always true

It is important to remember this point when talking to an Asian woman you’re going out with. These stereotypes don’t apply to everyone and you should get to know the person and then see if there are any similarities.