Some Stereotypes About Asian Women are True

stereotypes about Asian women

Surely you’ve heard some stereotypes about Asian women. Some of the stereotypes are good, some bad. Actually dating an Asian woman will give you a better picture but until that time comes around, we have listed a couple of them that are definitely accurate:

stereotypes about Asian women

Stereotype #1: They’re good students

This is a very wide spread stereotype and you may be surprised by the fact that it is true. In Asia, the highest priority is education. A person’s social status is irrelevant – finishing school with flying colours is the number one goal. Because of the high expectations, Asian parents make sure their kids get good grades.

Stereotype #2: They are hard workers

This applies to not only Asian women but Asians in general. Asian women are no exception here.Being hard working is a matter of pride for them. Having good work ethic is a must. It’s a source of self-respect and being respected in their culture. We all can learn from their high standards.

Stereotype #3: Good at chores

This is deeply embedded in the Asian culture. Women are still expected to be skilful in managing the household and their “training” in this area starts at an early age. Even the growing influence of the Western world view hasn’t made this stereotype less true.

Stereotype #4: They are nerdy

This applies and not in a negative way. Asian girls are known to love comic books, video games, Pokemon and Hello Kitty, adorable clothes and so forth. There is another concept of nerdy that means an individual is a science nerd. That one may or may not be true with Asian girls. If you think about their appreciation for education, this may apply as well.

Stereotype #5: They love a good bargain

Another fact. This is probably due to the fact that one can find numerous of replicas and counterfeits of well known brands in Asian countries. Especially in China. They’ve had tons of experience with haggling for what they want.

Apart from the Stereotypes

Keep in mind that you need to get to know the Asian woman who you’re dating even though you are familiar with several stereotypes that happen to apply. You can keep those in mind when communicating with your online dating partner but don’t become prejudice.

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