Should I stop my unhelpful sister being my bridesmaid?

A reader is unhappy that her sister is refusing to take on the role of party organiser, but Mariella Frostrup says being a bridesmaid should be a no-strings affair

The dilemma I am due to get married in seven months. Recently, I have felt conflicted about whether I should pull my sister off from being a bridesmaid. At one point I thought our relationship was great and I couldn’t think of anyone else who’d be my maid of honour.

I asked her to host a couple’s shower. She did not seem happy to oblige. She stated that she did not sign up for that and was not going to do this or that. The conversation was a blow-out. I asked if she still wanted to be in the wedding. She said she couldn’t decide on the spot and replied two days later with a ‘yes’. However, she’s not offering to help with the bachelorette party or the couple’s shower.

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