Russian Dating Online – Improve Your Profile and Meet More Women

With regards to Russian dating, men need to work a lot harder to catch the eye of a Russian woman and keep her interest. Below are a few useful tips on how you can improve your online dating profile and attract the attention of as many women as possible.

1. Choosing the right photo for your profile

Ladies have a tendency to be attracted to guys who are cheerful, confident and happy. Perhaps you happen to be wondering how to show the best side of yourself without saying anything? Simple! Add photographs of yourself that show you having a good time and laughing sincerely. Numerous guys on international dating websites think they can impress women with profile pictures that show them staring intently into the camera and pouting their lips, and even though it could impress some females, most women would prefer photographs of men laughing or smiling. Given that your profile photo is the first thing a potential Russian bride sees when she’s browsing profiles, it is important to choose the right image.

Russian Dating

2. Sound positive in your profile information

After your perfect profile image has caught the eye of a lady, she will then look into your full profile. This can be your one and only opportunity to make her curious about you and make her want to know far more. That’s why it’s important to appear and sound positive when filling up your details. Even if you have these thoughts, do not write about your doubts about meeting anyone on the Russian dating site, don’t mention your prior dating disappointments or you concerns about scams. Even though it’s perfectly alright to have such feelings, your profile is not the best place to introduce your concerns. Try thinking of your dating site profile as a personal advertisement. Have you ever seen a local business advertise their doubts in newspapers? The answer is no, so you shouldn’t do it either. Envision seeing an ad for Burger King that mentioned, “yes, we’ve got a new burger, but you won’t like it.”

3. Keep your first conversations light and positive

If your profile photo and your profile have attracted the attention of a Russian woman, she will request to speak with you. Again, it is necessary to sound happy and pleased, especially in the beginning of your online connection. It’s advisable not to complain about things that bother you during your first conversation. Don’t talk about frauds and scams on the dating site, don’t complain about the cost of services on that particular site, avoid topics like war, death, health and money problems. No one is saying that you can never discuss these topics, on the contrary, but it’s best to keep things light and positive in your first few emails and chats.

To sum it up, the ideal way to attract the attention of a Russian lady and to keep her interested is staying positive. Although life isn’t usually simple and happy all the time, a constructive and light attitude can mean a lot if you’re in the process of wooing your sweetheart.

Alex Vidal