The Right Time to Date a Chinese Girl is the Dragon Year

According to Chinese astrology the current year is called the dragon year. This year is considered to be very lucky for relationships. The relationships made during this year are long lasting and firm. Even though many Chinese girls don’t believe in their astrology, but yet they do tend to pay attention to this particular concept.

According to Chinese the dragon year is an emblem of luck, and it does have an effect on your relationship with a Chinese girl. So, rather than treating this concept just as superstitious you and your partner should pay close attention to it. The question here is how can the year of dragon effect your relationship with your Chinese girlfriend and why. The reason behind Chinese people considering the dragon year to be lucky is that they believe the dragon to be a wise and intelligent creature. They also believe that the dragon is very lucky for living beings, so all the decisions made regarding personal relationship should be made this year.  Because of this belief Chinese tend to keep their kids name having the word ‘dragon’ in them. Many Chinese, who don’t have the word ‘dragon’ in their name, have dragon as their nickname.

Date a Chinese Girl

Although there are chances that your Chinese girl friend is not that superstitious, thus before you take this concept seriously you need to determine the truth. You may also wear a dragon tattoo before you date a Chinese girl to appeal and attract her.

According to researches the ratio of marriage and childbirth increases in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong during the year of dragon. The major reason behind this increase is that Chinese believe that any relationship which starts in the dragon year is bound to successful. Similarly, any child born this year is going to be successful and lucky. Though there are many Chinese who don’t believe in this concept, yet the ratio of marriages taken place in the dragon year is less likely to end in a divorce.

If a Western man plans to date a Chinese girl, he will have many options during the year of dragon. One easy and possible way to find Chinese girls is through internet. There are many online dating and matrimonial websites available and with the help of these websites, you can connect easily connect to beautiful Chinese girls. An important thing to keep in mind here is that you should only use the renowned Chinese dating websites. Although as a western man you may find the concept of dragon year bizarre, but what matters is whether or not she is the one for you. If she is, then the year would hardly matter.