Read Our Guide on Russian Women Dating Tips

Read the best Russian women dating tips!

Just like in traditional dating, online relationships have specific guidelines about which behaviour is acceptable and which is not. The general rules are pretty much the same, but since you’re not dating in person, there are a couple of things you should consider. Below is a list with a couple of Russian women dating tips which will ensure you avoid the typical mistakes men make when connecting with Russian ladies on the web.

1. Don’t lie!

Practically nothing will drive off a Russian woman than finding out that her online partner is not honest with her. You should never lie about essential things like your race, age, political and religious views, etc. Also, you should only use recent photos on your profiles not the ones that were taken a decade ago. Even though it may sound tempting if you’re not confident enough, you should never use someone else’s photos as yours. The topic of meeting in person will come up sooner or later and you don’t want to come across as a fraud.

Russian Women Dating Tips

2. Be careful with how you express yourself

If you’ve finally found the woman who interests you, the last thing you’ll want to do is drive her off by saying things that may sound inappropriate to her. Some men are overeager about dating foreign beauties and they bring up topics like sex which shouldn’t be discussed until later. Russian women are not attracted to men who rush things with them so be careful with what you say. There’s nothing wrong with giving your online date a compliment, but it’s not acceptable to make inappropriate comments about her looks.

3. Be honest when filling out your profile details

One of the most important Russian women dating tips is you should always be honest when filling out your dating profile! This is going to be the first thing a lady sees, so you have to make it an intriguing one. Fill out as much information as you can as this will guarantee a lot more women will contact you.

4. Don’t act needy

Okay, you sent an email to a Russian woman and you haven’t heard back from her for a few days. You might get impatient and send her another letter, and another, an so on. You might even get mad and send her an angry message telling her not to bother to contact you. Even though most women like men who are persistent, some may find it frightening. It could be that the lady only has access to the internet a couple of times a week, so you need to be patient. Just because she doesn’t reply to you the next day doesn’t mean she’s not interested in you.

5. Refrain from being aggressive

If you have met the woman of your dreams, do not scare her off by being overly aggressive. Even though most females will appreciate a man who is enthusiastic, asking for a personal meeting too soon may possibly make her feel uncomfortable. Don’t rush things! Give her time as ladies need it to develop real feelings for somebody.

Alex Vidal