Questions Asian Women Don’t Want to Hear

So, you are interested in online dating Asian women and perhaps have been for a while, but things aren’t going as smooth as you would like. What could be the problem here? It may well be that the cultural differences you have are what is keeping a relationship from flourishing. In this article, we take a look at what are the most annoying questions to one can ask Asian women. Make sure you avoid these at all cost.

1. “What kind of Asian are you?”

Asian womenThis line should be self-explanatory, but surprisingly it isn’t so. Many guys still feel like that is somehow an appropriate question to ask. If they thought about it a little they would quickly realize that it is the equivalent of someone asking them “what kind of a white guy are you?”. If that would happen – they’d know better. Nobody wants to be put in a box based on skin colour.

2. “What does that tattoo say?”

Some folks still don’t know that Asian languages differ significantly and just because plenty of them are similar looking. Don’t expect every Asian woman to be able to decipher a tattoo. It is the same as someone Asian thinking that you somehow speak every European language. It is utterly absurd.

3. Any question regarding eating dog meat.

Just don’t. This can be a very sensitive topic. While there are Asian countries where dog meat is eaten, that doesn’t mean everyone likes the idea of it. Or knows a lot about it. You may be talking to a serious animal lover or someone who works at a shelter. Imagine hearing a question like that if you loved dogs. If they bring it up in conversation, then it works but don’t bring it up yourself.

In Conclusion

When online dating Asian women you want to be careful about the questions you ask or topics you bring up. Cultural clashes won’t help you get into a serious relationship.