So you have set your eyes on a special someone, and they happen to be Asian. Do you know how to approach someone from a culture different from yours? This article is all about Asian women and the kinds of questions they are tired of hearing. Those mostly come from Western men like yourself. What you want to do is to stand out from the rest and know which ones to avoid.

Let’s have a look:

1. “What kind of Asian are you?”

Asian womenThat is like someone asking you what kind of a white guy are you. Terribly offensive, isn’t it? If you want to ask where she is from – ask it directly. Note that not everyone that looks Asian is from there. It just doesn’t make sense to assume, and it is kind of racist.

2. “What does my tattoo say?”

Westerners love to get tattoos with some Asian letters and to the untrained eyes, they seem very similar. Therefore, it is easy to mistake them all for being Japanese or Chinese and so on. It is even more common for a western guy to ask an Asian what some tattoo says. What makes one think that this one person knows that specific language? Does every white person speak every European language?

3. Any question you may have about eating dog meat.

That goes for asking for the best place to try it to how it tastes. Not every Asian eats it. For all you know you could be asking this from a vegetarian, a veterinarian or even volunteer who works at a dog shelter. Not all French people eat frogs, and not all Asians eat dog meat. Just do not go there.

4. “How come all Asian women are so skinny?”

First of all, it isn’t every Asian woman who is skinny and if you put it like that you make it sound like there is something wrong with being skinny. Like you are implying that they have an eating disorder or the like. So that you know – Asians have a very balance diet. On top of which they have a fast metabolism which helps them burn any food, they eat very fast. Just don’t touch on the subject of body image with these ladies.