Polyamory and the Quirks of Modern Dating

Dating in 2017 is a complex and fascinating learning curve. Traditional methods of meeting partners have laid way to speed dating. Internet dating sites and now even apps allow you to swipe yes or no on a potential love matches profile in an instant. Gone are the days of simple courting. Asking parents permission before marriage. Even simple chivalrous acts such as buying flowers or holding doors open are frowned upon in today’s society. As the evolution of dating continues, we even see different types of relationships become more mainstream. For example, open relationships and polyamory.

datingWhat is Polyamory?

So let’s look at polyamory, what is it and how does it work? The word ‘polyamory’ comes from the Greek word “poly” meaning many, and the Latin “Amor” which means love- so the literal translation is many-loves. The meaning in the context of modern romantic partnerships is that it refers to a type of relationship where one, or both participants have more than one other partner but have the full knowledge and consent of all other participants. It is often described as a fully consensual, non-monogamous relationship. Something that has been popular for centuries, but is only now becoming more acceptable in polite society.

There Can Be Downsides

On the one hand, I am sure it is a dream come true for many men- multiple partners and girlfriends. But with no lying, deceit or feelings of guilt to deal with afterward. That is all very well and good but then how does one reconcile the intense feelings. Jealousy and anger are bound to surface when you know that you are sharing your girlfriend with multiple other partners.

Taking the Right Approach to Dating

Before entering into a partnership of this type, it is wise to establish firm ground rules and boundaries before any action is taken. Discuss what your limits are and agree on details like the number of additional partners you may both have. Also decide what time will be set aside for just you two. In a relationship like this, communications is key. Trusting your partner to stick to their side of the deal plays an important part in whether it will be successful. It is safe to say that polyamory is not for everyone. It definitely takes a particular kind of relationship to overcome the inevitable hurdles and issues that would arise in a situation like this.