Filipinas are seen as being beautiful both inside and outside. This is what lures so many men to dating Filipino women – because of the traits they possess. They are seen as perfect companions and that perception is strengthened by the number of Filipino women who migrate to other countries to be with their foreign husbands.

Filipinos greatly value their culture and traditions and it is customary for the women to be modest and reserved. Some of their traits may fit in the online dating world well while others may not. Here is a short overview:

Getting to Know You in Depth

The dating world has become a lot more mellow in the States over the years but is still the old school way that prevails in the Philippines. They still value the significance of getting acquainted with one another – especially so in a blossoming relationship between two people. They will want to know as much about you as they can. You can expect a lot of questions in your chat conversations. The more open you are to answering the quicker they feel comfortable with you.

Scheduled Online Chats

Once you get better acquainted the atmosphere will be more relaxed. You will want to schedule time for your online chats and rest assured – if the Filipina women tell you they’ll be there at a specific time – they will show up. Punctuality is very well understood over there.

They Love Romance

Filipina ladies are seen as being caring, sweet and also showy when it comes to gestures of love. It may be in the form of text messages, a phone call or even a postcard via snail mail. Handwriting letters will never go out of style. In fact the more the time passes – the more romantic it will become.

Respect for Your Comfort Zone

Filipinos are very open by nature and when you communicate with them, you can easily bring up what you want to talk about. They are very helpful in this respect – they will encourage you to open up as well and to share your problems. You can also share secrets and anything else under the sun. They will stay respectful about it. Showing a lot of interest like this indicates that a Filipina is into you.

Meeting Up

After spending enough time getting to know one another it is very Filipino to ask a person for a meet-up. Meeting up indicates that they are taking you seriously as a partner and want to make things a bit more official. Meeting up after tons of chats on a dating portal is a prelude to a new beginning for the two of you