For one reason or the other, most of the Ukraine girls do not like to discuss or talk about  their relationships. Mainly because of unknown fear in their heart, that they might be hurt, trapped or losing something.  Because of this fear, one may stop maintaining the relationship and love without discovering a better side of you and your desires in the relationship.

This all happens due to failures and adverse experiences in the past of keeping a relationship with another person and for wrong impressions about the true love. This got attributed to the impressions of watching the fighting parents or their messy divorce or a bad love affair in the past, which leaves deep scars in the past and could not be erased easily.

Ukraine girls
Ukraine girls

Ukraine girls believe that even today, love is as beautiful as it was in the past and that it is something to be experienced freely, without any boundaries or limitations. True Love is not any momentary feelings without going into the depth of your heart.

True Love is not an emotional attachment but encompasses and explores several facets of the relationship. Once one understands loving with your open mind, he would be out of any fear. By understanding the qualities of true love, one can understand what he wants in the relationship, fearlessly.

Stop Running from Love

When True love gets surfaced, one would like the fearless relationship communicating with each other.  Most of the breakups and divorces are the outcome of broken communications or no dialogues between each other which stops any possibility of improving the relationship.

If someone stops communicating with his partner, the relationship would be worse and may stop to no point of return. True love is to understand each other and share the feelings of each other patiently by giving proper chance and opportunity to partner. The moment someone realizes this, he would be out of any fear associated with love.

Love is a choice

True love would never be trapping you or dragging you in an undesired situation of your life, hurting your feelings without your unconditional consent. The goodness of your partner attracts you about developing a relationship and maintaining the relationship for long or forever without associating any fear to the relationship.

Love needs commitment

True love is natural and comes from our heart. Experiences, as to have an unfaithful relationship between your parents or to witness a couple who always fights without trying to each other and without giving any opportunity to discuss issues patiently, may bring in some element of fear of love as something  unsafe and unstable.    In case of true love, you feel fully committed to your partner. It cannot stay one-sided affair as it needs to reciprocate to each other. In the game of true love, you should never think of gains or losses but stay committed to each other.

Love is intimate

A close familiarity or intimacy amongst each other may misguide you and bring fear in the relationships if left completely to the whims and fancy of your partner; this is not a correct view of True Love. True intimacy in love is in realizing the goodness of the relationship. Love is intimate, and Ukraine girls believe that if you want love from your partner you should reciprocate equally and respect the feelings of each other without weighing them.

Alex Vidal