My mum and maths tutor are flirting, right under my nose | Mariella Frostrup

Mariella Frostrup says watching a parent find a new partner is hard – and should be happening with more distance

The dilemma Recently my mother found a maths tutor for me (I’m in Year 12). He’s a 45-year-old guy who seems very likeable and knows his stuff. When our first lesson ended, my mother invited him to stay for tea, and then after the next one and the one after that … My mother is divorced.

He confessed to her a week ago that he is now in love with her and would like a relationship. Even before this, I told my mum, joking: “You guys seem to like each other.” She responded: “Why do you always assume I am in love? He is being nice and I am being nice back. That’s all.”

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