My life in sex: ‘I have found that young men are very willing to please’

The 52-year-old dating younger men

Four years ago, I separated from my husband after a 25-year marriage and three children. Our sex life had become a once-a-fortnight duty shag, with no orgasm even expected. The problem was, as I hit 50 I felt hornier than ever. Since I’ve been on my own, I’ve been making up for lost time.

I met a guy through work soon after the split. I knew he was younger, but didn’t realise just how much. He was 34 and took me to places I didn’t think possible; I even passed out once during a particularly intense orgasm. The relationship didn’t last, but the few months I had with him gave me the sexual confidence not to worry about my age. It turns out young men often look to older women for uncomplicated sex because many girls their own age are looking to settle down.

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