Meeting Single Vietnamese Women-How To Increase Your Chances Of Success

single vietnamese womenSo you have been talking with single Vietnamese women online and now you feel that it is time you got serious and went out to meet with one in person. There are a number of things that you will have to do if you hope to be successful in the end. For starters, you have probably realized that there are many differences between the more traditional Vietnamese dating culture and the western dating culture that you are probably used to. These differences should not be viewed as mountains to be overcome but rather as rivers that can be directed to work in your favor.

What should you do when meeting with single Vietnamese women?

Single Vietnamese women are naturally humble and gentle. As such, they are very unlikely to show or display any visible signs of appreciation or of disdain at how the date is going. You will have to rely on your own instincts and intuition to determine whether or not the date is going as well as you planned it. If you are meeting the Vietnamese girl in her own country, here are a few things that you can do in order to increase your chances of success;

  • Let her choose the location; letting her choose the specific restaurant where the two of you are going is not only important because she probably knows the restaurants better than you do but also because you give her a chance to impress you by choosing the best. It is hard to go wrong if you let her choose the restaurant and, while you are at it, you might also want to let her order the food and drinks for you.
  • Try to pick up a few words of the local language before the date and throw them into the conversation during the date. Also ask her to teach you her language. Both these actions show her that you are really interested in knowing her for longer and not just as a one-time thing
  • Avoid sexual overtones; single Vietnamese brought up in the real Vietnamese culture usually have strong moral values and will most likely be opposed to, and even offended by, any suggestions of sex on the first date. Even actions like kissing, which might seem pretty harmless and normal enough to you, might be taken the wrong way by the Vietnamese girls since that is not part of their culture.
  • Pick up the tab; if there is one thing that remains constant on all dates regardless of the country from which your date comes from then it is the fact that the man is always expected to pick up the tab and pay for the date. Try not to disappoint in this respect or you will just look mean and selfish.

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