How to Make Sure Your Beautiful Russian Doesn’t Lose Interest

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Perhaps you’ve met a beautiful Russian on one of the many international dating websites. You’ve exchanged multiple emails and messages, but then all of a sudden, she disappears and you have no idea what happened.

Making a wrong move is not difficult in the online world as your partner can only see the words you’ve typed and not the way you say them. However, making a mistake could put a stop to a beautiful partnership before it even begins. Below are a couple of things that could have pushed your beautiful Russian away.

Ways to keep your beautiful Russian interested

Talking about sensitive issues too early in the relationship

Considering that there are thousands of gorgeous Russian women on any available dating website, it doesn’t come as a surprise that some men would like to establish a more intimate relationship with one of the lovely ladies as soon as possible. It’s important to know that speaking to a woman too soon about marriage or sex is not the way to achieve this. A courting process has to happen first. You must get to know your Russian thoroughly before you can approach such heavy subjects. Bringing them up right after you first make contact is a sure way to drive her away.

Keeping track of her whereabouts all the time

Thanks to the internet and various social media sites, it’s not difficult figuring out where your partner is and what she’s doing at any given moment. Keep in mind that just because it is so easy doesn’t mean you should spy on her. If your partner finds out that you’ve been stalking her, she might end all communication with you instantly.

Texting/emailing all the time

If a woman doesn’t answer your email or text as soon as you send it, she might have a good reason for acting this way. Maybe her work day has been so busy that she hasn’t gotten the chance to get back to you? Maybe she doesn’t have internet access every day? Sending a bunch of messages will make you look bored and desperate, so it’s best to be patient.

Bothering her when she’s not interested

Russian women are great at dropping hints when they’re not interested in someone and it may make them look somewhat passive aggressive. If you send an email that is three pages long and she only replies with one line, it should be proof that she’s not interested in you. If a woman wants to be in contact with you, she’ll let you know.

Talking about your past relationships

Another sure way to drive a woman off is by always talking about your previous relationships. If you speak well of your ex, your current girlfriend may think you’re still not over her. If you say negative things about her, your beautiful Russian might wonder if you could ever say such things about her. To avoid problems like this, it’s best to not discuss your previous relationships.

Everybody makes mistakes and just because one particular woman wasn’t a good match for you doesn’t mean that you will never find the woman of your dreams. Just follow our tips above and your dreams might just become a reality.