Let’s NOT Talk About Sex, Baby. AsianDate.com Guide to Respect

In this article, I am going to talk about the main complaint women have when it comes to the subject of online dating. I hear this bugbear repeated by female friends, colleagues, family members and AsianDate users on a constant basis and it has to be the number one reason why women will stop replying to messages or even ghost someone completely. And that reason is talking about sex too much or too early on in the dating process.

Let’s Get Startedasiandate

Sex is something that everyone does, for fun and to procreate. It is one of the most natural things that two people can do, but this does not mean that you should approach any woman, online or in real life, with this topic as your opener. The internet is full of women naming and shaming men that send unsolicited text messages and pictures, and this should be a clear indication that it is not an acceptable thing to do. Sex in all its forms is a privilege, not a right and by forcing comments of a sexual nature on a woman without her consent or request, is invasive, rude and predatory. Just do not do it.

It’s All About Making Her Feel Comfortable

No woman wants to be made to feel uncomfortable, nor does she want to feel like nothing more than a sexual object whose sole purpose is to pander to a man’s ego and desires. You may think that you are giving her a huge compliment by commenting on certain aspects of her figure or speaking about the intimate things you wish to do, but in reality, it is a huge turnoff and one that is likely to get you ignored, blocked or reported.

Not Everyone Wants To Discuss This Topic

As a woman, there is nothing more offputting than spending time talking to someone new. Getting to know them, starting to like them, only for them to come out with a crude, lewd and sexually suggestive diatribe just before you decide to go on a date with him. It is offensive and unacceptable, and something that all men need to be aware is not ok. Trust me on this, we know what your intentions are, we would not be talking to you if we did not have something similar in kind at some point, but there is no need to vocalize it in an unsolicited and forceful manner over the Internet, text message or even in person. It makes us feel pressured, unclean and like all that you want from us is what is under our clothes.

Respect is Vital When Building a Relationship

Remember that the woman you are speaking to on Asian Date or elsewhere, is a sister, daughter and maybe even a mother. Because of that, she deserves to be spoken to and treated with the utmost respect. By all means, as the relationship develops and if she initiates such conversations, feel free to pursue it but remember to follow her lead and not become too forceful with your approach.