I’ve lost all interest in sex – although I still find women attractive

I’m worried my issue will cost me my relationship – but the thought of sex fills me with dread

Over the past five years, I’ve lost all interest in sex. This has already cost me one relationship and I’m worried that my wonderful new partner will leave as well. Don’t get me wrong, I still find women attractive; I just don’t want sex – the thought fills me with anxiety and utter dread. My last partner used to get uncontrollably angry and aggressive, so I just used to have sex to stop any conflict.

People find each other for particular reasons. Whether or not you have been open with your girlfriend about the nature of your struggles, I imagine she has a pretty good idea. She chose you for a reason. You sound lonely in your relationship, but you don’t have to suffer alone or be so frustrated and afraid. Instead, take courage and have a deep, sincere conversation.

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