International Relationships – Dating a Russian Woman

Dating a Russian woman online – the challenges

Each partnership requires work, however the most significant challenges come with going out with a Russian lady who lives hundreds of kilometres away from you. Despite the fact that you’re probably communicating frequently, you are nevertheless spending a lot of time missing your lover and feeling quite sad and lonely. Nonetheless, there are various things that you could be doing to stay hopeful and positive while you wait for your separation to be over.

# Don’t stay home every night

The worst thing you could do is to stay home every night hoping to chat with your beautiful woman. It’s important to have hobbies to make the time go by faster, but also for your own personal growth. If there’s a charity or a cause that you feel strongly about (rescuing stray dogs, volunteering at a children’s hospital, etc.), sign up now. If you like team sports, join a football or basketball club. Do whatever you’re interested in as the only thing that matters is connecting with people who have similar views than you. Regular activity will keep you busy and it will allow you to connect with people to boost your social life.

Dating a Russian Woman

# Take up a long term project

When dating a Russian woman, lots of guys forget to pay attention to their own needs and wishes to spend every free moment they have with their darling. Being apart is perfect for taking up something you’ve always wanted to do, but never got around to doing. If there’s anything you’ve wanted to learn or achieve, now’s the time to do it. Join a training group if you want to take part in triathlon or join a language school to learn Russian. Having a long term commitment with a reachable goal will make it seem like the time is passing faster and it will also make you feel like you’re doing something useful with your time.

# Make an effort to be in touch whenever you can

Men dating Russian girls need to know that it’s necessary to put in more work in order to keep their sweethearts happy and make her feel like she’s loved and cared for. Spice up your online relationship by having “dates” – have dinner together while talking over Skype, etc. Write down all the most important dates and mile stones so you would remember to send gifts and flowers to celebrate.

The most important thing is to stay hopeful, positive and keep an optimistic attitude. It might seem like a long time, however, it will eventually pass and before you know it, she’ll be right there with you and you can begin working on your relationship and building your life together.

Alex Vidal