Russian culture

Russia has always been fascinating to people. It has a long rich history, amazing literature, art, music. You name it. Another reason Russia is so popular is its amazingly beautiful women. There are so many dating sites and services out there for the many men looking to date Russian women. The online dating industry has never been more popular than it is today.

Too many men assume that they can get close to these ladies by just sparking up a conversation. Next it turns out that they don’t know much about Russia and their ignorance puts these ladies off. That is why it is so important to know what you are getting yourself into and this article aims to help you out.
So what are some of the myths and truths about the Russian culture?

1. Russia has more spies than other countries put together.

Russian cultureThis is a myth thanks to all the western action movies we have seen. They behave like any other state does and have their amount of spies. Not more than anybody else. This whole West vs East concept is still very popular. Especially so in Hollywood.

2. They drink vodka at every event.

This is somewhat true. Russians do drink vodka more than everyone else. That applies to the family get gatherings, the parties and the simple fact that it may be winter. In fact a shot of vodka is seen as a great way to fight the cold. And also make you healthy when you’re at risk of getting ill. Russians truly have developed a tolerance for this hardcore drink. That doesn’t mean that everyone is into drinking it. Naturally there are those who don’t love it.

3. Russian women only date older men.

This comes down to each woman’s own preference. There isn’t a prevalent desire to date older men. That is just something that occasionally happens. This stereotype stems from the thinking that Russian women are somehow dying to get out of the country. That just isn’t true. These ladies love to live in their home, are very patriotic and wouldn’t move for anything.


Did you find any of these points surprising? If you are interested in dating Russian women then do more research on your own to find out more about their culture so you will have success with dating them.