I'm a virgin and want to try sex, but I can't get in the mood

My desire isn’t sufficient enough to go through with it. What can I do?

I am 22 years old and a virgin. When I’m with a guy, I get into the feeling for two to three minutes, then it stops and I am taken out of the mood immediately. But I really want to try sex. Is there anything I can do to raise my sexual desire?

You have already discovered the guilty secret of many women of all ages and levels of sexual experience: that their least favourite part of love-making is intercourse. But your curiosity and desire to lose your virginity is understandable and natural. Stop trying to force yourself to experience intercourse. Your psyche is telling you, especially in the moments when you lose interest, that you’re not fully ready for it. The body can respond at odds with your mental desire – becoming aroused without the latter; this happens from time to time in most people at any point in their sexual development. It is natural to be afraid of one’s first intercourse.

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