I’m 27 and single, and am feeling isolated and anxious about the future | Annalisa Barbieri

Many friends are in relationships, and I worry we have nothing in common. I know I have a lot of life left to live, but I feel dread about what is coming next. Annalisa Barbieri advises a reader

I will be 28 at the end of this year, and I am feeling very anxious about the next stage of my life.

I am generally very sociable, and have built a wide circle of friends. However, lately, I have found that many of my friends are in committed, settled relationships, and I worry that I have nothing in common with my peers any more. I am grateful to have had three romantic relationships in my 20s, although none of these have worked out. I have considered dating, but I find that a lot of men my age and older are more interested in women who are in their early 20s. This has surprised me and made me feel insecure about searching for a partner.

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