I don’t want to be an expat any more, but my husband has to stay for work

We’re both in our 60s and my husband needs to work for four more years. But I feel I have given up too much to carry on living in the Middle East. Do I stick it out?

I am a long-term expat wife, and have lived in the Middle East for more than 10 years. Expat life is glamorous at first, but it soon becomes normal. I am in my early 60s, and feel I have given up too much already. I want to go home to the UK, but my husband has four more years of working life. He isn’t a workaholic and would prefer to work less, but it’s not really possible, for financial reasons. However, I feel I will be over the hill in terms of my age, and my job prospects, if I delay returning by four years; I would like to work, whether it’s paid or voluntary work. What do I do? Do I stick it out, or tell him I want to start my life again? I don’t want to be without him, and the love is still there, but the thought of four more years is killing me.

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