How not to spend £129 on a date | Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff

Having a strategy for a date is hardly sexy or fun, but if couples are spending this much on a date then a little guidance is needed

I am a cheap date. Not in a promiscuous, knickerless way. On my first post-breakup date last week I somehow managed to wind up buying the friendly bloke I met three drinks all at once. I mean, that was arguably a fluke of bad economics (and perhaps because I was so nervous I decided to drink half a bottle of wine beforehand), but in general the dates I seem to go on rarely consist of more than a couple of pints in a local pub, or a burger at a chain restaurant. That’s why the finding that couples in the UK spend on average £129 between them on a date is baffling to me.

I can already hear the baying of the gym-dwelling, City-boy high-fliers: “But men are expected to pay for everything on dates, how would you, a girl, know how much dates really cost?!” Well yes, it’s true that some women do expect men to pay, but many don’t. We all watch First Dates, it’s fashionable to go halves. I would never presume that anyone will foot my bill, and perhaps that’s why I’ve rarely been on a date where we’ve collectively spent over £60.

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