Good luck to schools teaching sex and relationship education – I’m still learning

After looking at a few SRE course questions, I am convinced relationships can only be improvised and survived – not taught

Following the government announcement that there is to be a radical overhaul of sex and relationship education (SRE) in schools – largely to take into account new online developments – I thought I would take the trouble to see what SRE currently involves. (I know I should know this already, which is one of the reasons I need a bit of RE myself.).

Official guidance on the subject seems to mainly cover sex, contraception, drugs and “recognising abuse” as well as bromides such as “the value of respect, love and care” and “the nature and importance of marriage for family life”. Such teaching of the subject is welcome and well-intentioned, but I do wonder about how you teach relationships. I’ve been trying to learn about them my whole life and still haven’t got the hang of it.

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