Friendships, romance, humanity: mind-reading tech will kill it all | Catherine Shoard

The latest horror-movie proposal to emerge from the industry is a program that tells you whether people like you or not. I wish it nothing but ill

One of life’s great joys is that you never quite know quite how badly it’s going. Sure, you may suspect your interactions with other people are a disaster. That you are repeatedly deemed tedious, dim, gauche, a dire writer, dreadful in bed, catastrophic in the kitchen. Perhaps you even have some sort of proof: no job offer, no follow-up date, snubs on the street, even direct critique; I write as someone Russell Crowe once called an illiterate plonker (he has since deleted the tweet, but the pain still lingers).

But we survive by questioning such evidence. It wasn’t personal, we kid ourselves. Perhaps their email is down. Maybe Russell was just having a bad day. I’m sure it looked fine from the back.

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