Frequent Communication Mistakes You are Making and How to Avoid Them

mistakesThe dating game is a difficult one full of many potential pitfalls, especially when you first meet someone online. When humans communicate, they take most of their social cues from non-verbal communication such as body language and even tone of voice, so when you date online you do not have these to help you, and it is very easy to take things out of context or in the wrong way. It is not difficult to adjust your technique to an online setting, but there are some key things that in you should remember to help you navigate any potential misunderstandings. Read on to discover our top three tips.

Don’t Come On Too Strong

What you may think is being confident and self-assured, can come across as aggressive and pushy in an online setting. When speaking to someone new, it is important to let her know that you are interested in her and to tell her of your intentions but if she does not want to speak to you, then you must respect that and not be too forceful with your approach.

Respect Boundaries

Everyone acts differently on the internet and because it is not ‘real life’, some people find that they act and behave in ways that they would not in a face to face interaction. Just because you are sat behind a computer does not afford you the right to behave with any less respect than you would during a face to face interaction. You must still respect the fact that certain topics are inappropriate and do not say anything that you would not be comfortable to say in public or with other people listening.

Be Careful With Your Humour

British and American people are renowned for their sense of humour. But remember that not all cultures are familiar with it and that things like sarcasm may be interpreted as literal and therefore not taken well. Be careful also with rude or adult jokes as again, these may be taken as being serious with the absence of visual cues that would indicate that it is a joke. By all means, show her your funny side but save the majority of your wisecracks for face to face dates. Remember, people’s senses of humour are very personal things, and not everyone will find the same things as funny as you do.